50 years telle - production and sales from one source

Products, service, and always a good idea!

On September 1, 1970, telle was founded by the businessman Erwin Telle together with his wife Monika Telle in the Fürther Straße in Nuremberg. In 1972 the brother, Claus Telle, joined the still young company. Due to his training and many years of experience as a technician, telle focused from the very beginning on the in-house production of drawing parts made of rubber and plastic.

In the course of the decades, the production possibilities were expanded step by step. Through regular investments in modern processing machines and the adaptation of these to our needs, we have always been able to meet the requirements of our customers.

By moving in 1979 to our own premises at Sigmundstraße 176 and in 2020 to Vershofenstraße 6, we have taken into account the constant growth and the need for expansion of the production area.

Since proximity to the customer is very important to us, we opened a branch office in Sulzbach-Rosenberg in 1992, a branch office in Bayreuth in 1998 and a branch office in Regensburg in 2008.

Traditionally, the majority of our customers are located in German-speaking countries. By using modern distribution channels, as well as the production and distribution of many special products, telle is now also active worldwide.