Our customers have always valued telle as a reliable partner.

It is our task to justify the reliance placed on us to anew every day.

Well-founded expertise, motivated employees and modern technologies are the foundation for high-quality products and optimal service. As a matter of principle, you are advised by experienced and trained employees.

In our broad manufacturing and delivery program you will find exclusively high-quality and thus durable products.

Whenever possible, we use materials from German or European productions.

High and reliable product quality

Our extensive stock of finished and semi-finished materials enables us to react quickly even to complicated requests. This ensures a high and reliable product quality for your benefit.


The climate change caused by humans has been scientifically confirmed for many years. Initial effects in the form of weather extremes are now affecting not only the lives of polar bears but also our lives here in Europe, Germany and Bavaria. The climate change is no longer to be stopped, at most its effects are to be limited. Here we are aware of our responsibility for the next generations.

As a family business with a long-term strategy, we have always considered it one of our most fundamental tasks to keep the impact of our actions on the environment and society as low as possible. The three-pillar model of sustainability serves as our basis. This means that our "actions" are not only based on purely economic aspects, but also on social and ecological aspects on an equal level.