Drinking water is the most important and at the same time the most strictly controlled foodstuff. Therefore, the requirements and legal regulations are particularly high here. The inner and outer layer of modified platinum-crosslinked silicone makes the Aquatel® SIL particularly interesting for the food and beverage industry, commercial kitchens, emergency supplies or events.

The high quality blue drinking water hose is absolutely odorless and tasteless. The inner layer is made of modified platinum-cured silicone, white/translucent and smooth. The pressure carrier is made of high temperature resistant textile inserts. The outer layer is also made of modified platinum cross-linked silicone, blue, smooth, fabric patterned, resistant to heat, aging and ozone, abrasion resistant. The smooth surface makes the hose particularly easy to clean. The temperature range is between –20 °C to +100 °C (other temperature ranges –60 to +160 °C must be agreed with the application engineering department).

Developed for use in the food sector, the hose is phthalate-free, in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1907/2006/CE (REACH). It meets the guidelines of the American FDA CFR 21 PART 177.2600 and the European BfR Recommendation XV & XXI Cat. 2. It also complies with the hygienic and toxicological requirements of the German Federal Environmental Agency Test, UBA KTW and DVGW W 270.

The inner layer is suitable for drinking water and general service water, and is resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents and disinfectants in accordance with DVGW regulations, Worksheet W291 (as of March 2000). Individual resistance tests are possible upon presentation of the safety data sheet.


  • tested (test certificates are on hand)
  • highly flexible
  • traversable
  • heat-, age- and ozone-resistant hose cover
  • absolutely odorless and tasteless
  • high temperature resistant textile inserts
  • inner and outer layer made of modified platinum crosslinked silicone
  • blue smooth fabric patterned outer layer
  • easy to clean surface

Operating temperature range

–20 °C to +100 °C
(further temperature ranges –60 to +160 °C have to be agreed with the application engineering department)

Areas of application

  • Food and beverage industry, such as brewery, dairy, beverage manufacturer, bakery, bakery factory, manufacturer for organic products.
  • Events, such as fairs, public festivals, markets, open-airs
  • Commercial kitchens, such as canteens, hospital kitchens, gastronomy, factory kitchens, cafeterias, canteens
  • Municipal emergency supply, such as drinking water emergency supply, with emergency wells, mobile lines / transport vehicles, maintenance of drinking water supply

Approvals and regulations

  • Phthalate-free, in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1907/2006/CE (REACH)
  • FDA CFR 21 PART 177.2600
  • BfR Recommendation XV & XXI Cat. 2
  • UBA KTW and DVGW W 270
  • Test certificates are already on hand