Snow ploughs and snow clearing vehicles work under extreme conditions, which lead to considerable wear on the parts used. Scraper blades that are in direct contact with the ground are constantly exposed to heavy loads. Regular replacement is therefore essential to ensure optimum vehicle performance.

Vulkollan® is a polyurethane characterised by its durability and resistance. It has high abrasion resistance, is resistant to oils and greases and is stable at low temperatures. These properties make the PUR elastomer the ideal choice for replacement parts in snow ploughs and snow removal vehicles that operate in extreme winter conditions.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and wear: The material withstands intensive use and lasts longer than conventional options.

  • High elasticity: The high elasticity ensures effective adaptation to different surfaces, resulting in improved snow clearance.

  • Low specific weight: The low weight compared to steel optimises vehicle performance and reduces fuel consumption.

  • Good chemical resistance: The scrapers remain stable under the influence of road salt and other chemicals, which extends their service life.

  • Cold flexibility: The material retains its flexibility at extremely low temperatures, which is critical for winter service applications.

  • Noise reduction: The special polyurethane scraping blades reduce wear and minimise the annoying noise that can occur with conventional materials.

High-quality polyurethane replacement parts offer longer service life, optimising the performance and efficiency of snow ploughs and snow removal vehicles. The result is reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity and winter service reliability.

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