The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. Now is the best time to think about watering the garden and green areas. 

Garden hoses are important helpers to efficiently supply the garden with water. Robust, durable materials and high-quality connector systems that are compatible with each other are especially useful for gardening and landscaping. It allows easy replacement or retrofitting with accessories or spare parts. 

The water hose itself should be stable and easy to handle and withstand the weather and UV continuous outdoor exposure for as long as possible. Garden hose trolleys or wall-mounted hose holders, for example, are ideal for professional storage. 

Watering devices with watering tubes of different lengths ensure fatigue-free and gentle watering of beds and potted plants. Whereas spray nozzles are suitable for watering larger areas.

We exclusively stock garden hoses and accessories in professional quality, which hold their own optimally in continuous use.
Let us advise you competently. We will put together a hose set that fits your needs.


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