Once again this year, telle is offering a special form of career guidance during the summer holidays in cooperation with the IHK Nürnberg for Mittelfranken. Young people have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with professions such as warehouse logistics specialist and cutting machine operator. Our trainers organise the one-day internship as part of the Internship Week in an interesting and varied way.

Time period
This year's Internship Week will take place between 15 July and 9 September. 

Conditions of participation
Starting this year, pupils aged 14 and over can get a taste of work experience in the two weeks before the summer holidays, from 15 to 26 July. During the summer holidays from 29 July, participation is reserved for young people aged 15 and over from all types of schools in Mittelfranken.

Participation is free of charge. Interested parties can find out more and register directly via the Internship Week online platform. When registering, they can plan their individual week by entering their interests.

Participation of companies
Over 120 companies from various sectors, from trade to commerce, are participating in the programme.

Benefits of the programme
Students gain practical experience, an insight into different professional fields and valuable contacts for their future careers.

Contact person:
Alexandra Telle
Phone 0911 6 57 17-48
E-Mail alexandra.telle@telle.de