Silicone mouldings offer an unrivalled combination of flexibility and strength. Used in industrial and medical applications, they offer durability and performance. Their resistance to high temperatures makes them suitable for a wide range of applications and ideal for demanding environments.

Durability and safety
Silicone moulded parts are exceptionally durable and resistant to environmental influences, making them suitable for extreme conditions. In industrial applications, they are efficient and help improve performance. This reduces operating costs and extends product life.

Medical and engineering applications
In medical technology, silicone seals and custom mouldings are essential because they are biocompatible and hypoallergenic, meeting the highest safety standards. In technical applications, they provide solutions for extreme temperature and chemical resistance requirements.

Customised and made-to-measure
At telle, we offer a wide range of Shore hardnesses from 20 to 60° to meet the specific needs of each project and to customise production. We manufacture silicone mouldings in a variety of sizes and specifications. The flexibility of silicone allows us to provide bespoke solutions to a wide range of challenges.

  • RTV silicone mouldings
    These are characterised by their hardness at room temperature. These mouldings offer exceptional flexibility and are ideal for demanding applications. They are used in areas where material resistance and performance are required.
  • Custom Silicone Products
    Silicone is suitable for applications that require high resistance to extreme temperatures, pressures and chemicals. It is the material of choice for products with high quality requirements.
  • Special profiles in solid silicone
    For complex applications where standard solutions are not sufficient, telle manufactures special profiles in solid silicone to the customer's exact specifications. They offer excellent flexibility and durability.

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