Steam and Hot Water

Steam and hot water hoses for the passage of liquids and vapors with very high temperatures

Safe handling of steam

General safety recommendations
  • Always wear suitable protective clothing when working with steam.

  • If there are visible changes in the hose line (e.g. formation of bubbles on the ceiling) it must be taken out of service.

  • No unauthorised persons may be present in the working and danger area.

  • To prevent the hose from knocking, the free end of the hose must always be fixiert when working in an open system.

  • The steam hose must never be used for other media.

  • If the tank or other containers in which flammable media were previously stored are cleaned, the hose line must be earthed at the boiler.

  • The professional installation of suitable fittings is absolutely necessary.

  • Special steam fittings ensure problem-free operation. When using rubber steam hoses, these values must be observed to ensure the corresponding safety and service life.

No rubber hose may be used above 19 bar.

Benefit from our hose production!

Individual hose systems for every application

You are not sure which hose fits your application?

We will assemble the right hose line for you with perfectly matched components. The hoses and fittings are professionally integrated and assembled according to current standards. Tested and certified on request.

Challenging fabrications for individual operational applications as well as different connection techniques are our specialty.

Do you need more detailed information for your possibilities of your own hose assembly? Contact us, we will advise you in detail!

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