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Drinking Water Hose

Aquapal® Drinking Water Hose meets the strict requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

The Hygiene Institute in Gelsenkirchen tested Aquapal® and subsequently attested its compliance with the applicable KTW-recommendations as well as Worksheet DVGW-W270. Public health offices use these requirements as their references for testing drinking water quality at public fairs, trade shows and other open-air events.

Aquapal®‘s area of application however is even wider, since the demands of authorities and consumers with respect to hygiene, purity and taste of drinking water affect all areas of society. In the food and beverage industry, in the vast field of camping and outdoorsmanship, for hose lines used to fill drinking water containers as well as for community emergency supply lines, Aquapal® comes recommended as the ideal drinking water hose.

Interior layer: special plastomere layer, absolutely taste and small neutral, homogenous, smooth and free of softening materials, substrate: synthetic yarns, exterior wall: NBR, resistant to abrasion, UV, fat and oil

Temperature range: –30°C up to +90°C

Labelling: yellow wavy lines running axially, supplemented with the legend Aquapal® Drinking Water Hose;PN20 KTW ‘A’ and DVGW-W270 tested.

Dimensions: 8 – 100 mm (Interior-Ø)

Aquapal® Drinking Water Hose (ext. Website)


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