Testing and assembly

We carry out tests of various kinds.

At telle we have specialized in the testing of hose assemblies and gaskets.

Inspections prior to commissioning, recurring inspections and any repairs that may be necessary are carried out in accordance with the current state of the art in terms of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014 / 68 / EU. These tests are carried out by qualified persons.

We also carry out tests on site before delivery of the components. The proof of testing is documented in an appropriate certificate. Necessary repairs and adjustments are carried out on site. telle has mobile testing equipment, so that we are able to check the components at short notice.

Special tests

We also carry out special tests that simulate increased requirements. These include burst pressure tests, which document the proof of corresponding safety factors.

Hose Management

Through ongoing further training and TÜV certification, the qualification of our employees is demonstrated and ensured. 

  • Specification

    According to customer requirements (hose design in terms of media, temperature, pressure and connection type) and taking into account current standards.

  • Inventory

    Inventory and cataloguing

  • Hose test (mobile or stationary)

    In accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (formerly 97/23 EG) including identification of the hose line with naming the recurring date.

  • Hose test

    The hose test is carried out after determining the scope of the test and the test intervals, taking into account the operator's obligations.

  • Deadline monitoring

    The customer will be informed 6 weeks before the upcoming appointment pending hose test.

  • Assembly and testing

    The assembly and testing of the hose lines is carried out in our company exclusively by qualified persons according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (formerly 97/23 EC).


of dry couplings

Dry Couplings are important safety components in systems engineering.

In order to ensure the safety permanently is necessary an annual inspection and maintenance in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (former 97/23 EG).

Type and manufacturer independent, the required review of qualified, experienced and appropriately trained experts is carried out quickly and competently.

The inspection and maintenance work we done quickly and efficiently. In our own seal warehouse we have stock all common spare parts (e.g. O-rings).

Send us your dry couplings, after receipt of the couplings we will take contact you to talk about the first test.

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